Volunteering at the Ram Mandir

Volunteering may be an outlet for your natural talents, a road-test for your new career, or simply a handy way to network. It is also an opportunity to develop new skills, expand your horizons and help others. Volunteering is particularly helpful for those with little practical experience in their chosen field.

There is much to be gained when you volunteer. However, the following list is particularly relevant to any student moving towards a career: 

DEVELOP SKILLS Gain skills and knowledge that may help you get paid work. Also develop qualities useful in all workplaces: punctuality, dependability, the ability to work on a team and the ability to handle pressure. Everyone needs practice in decision making, problem solving and leadership.

GAIN WORK EXPERIENCE Volunteer jobs provide hands-on learning experience and give you the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge. In addition, you gain practical experience and qualifications to enhance your resume. 

FIND OUT ABOUT THE WORK WORLD Discover the realities of the work world. You'll gain practical knowledge about organizations and how they work on a day-to-day basis.

LEARN TO MARKET YOURSELF Marketing your best assets will be easier after filling out job application forms and going to interviews in the volunteer world. 

EXPLORE CAREER OPTIONS Volunteering gives you a chance to discover whether or not you're really suited to a particular line of work.